Saturday, July 30, 2011

Celebrity Weightloss Secret

Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman, known as Raven, started her career as Olivia in the Crosby Show. The actress, 25, popularity grew as she appeared in several successful television series. Raven's charisma and comedic style landed her the  lead role as Raven in the highly successful Disney channels series, That’s So Raven where she played a highschooler with psychic abilities. The actress also transitioned to a film career. An early successful career brought on certain stressors on the young actress, singer. As Raven’s career grew, her weight grew also.  Recently, however, the actress has been getting attention for more that her acting talent. She has managed to lose a whopping 35 lbs that she had packed on over the years.
Raven attributed her weightloss to proper stress management
I stopped stressing. You have to realize at 15, there was a whole entire show I had on my shoulders. It was a very big cast and crew and if you’re sick for a day, people lose money and that’s a problem. Normal 15-year-olds are worried about who’s going to invite them to the prom but I was worried about taxes and stuff.
[It wasn't] just over eating because I’ve actually been eating the same. I keep a little bit more smaller portions because I learned that your body has to get rid of that stress some way. Some people break-out, some people lose their hair, some lose weight, some people gain weight, my body just reacted a certain kind of way. Same type of exercising, if any because I don’t like to sweat, it’s the hair.
According to Elissa Epel, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco, chronic stress can result in an increase or decrease in appetite. Hormones such as adrenalin, corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH) and cortisol are released during periods of extreme stress. “Cortisol can remain elevated, increasing your appetite and ultimately driving you to eat more," says Epel

Jordan Sparks, singer-songwriter, model and actress is also among the young celebrities who have recently lost weight. Sparks, the youngest winner in American Idol’s history took the title at size 14. Four years post Idol victory, Sparks is now a size 8. She praise Zumba class and smaller meal portions for her recent weight loss.

Zumba is a combination of aerobic and weight resistance training in the form of dance moves for losing weight. It is an high energy fitness program that is exciting and fun to perform.

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